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Nimit Rajdev

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I am a software engineer with more than 5 years of experience solving problems by building and maintaining systems of various scales, mainly using C# on .NET along with other languages such as C++, R and python. I have experience empowering systems by implementing multi-threaded execution, writing unit-tests, applying design patterns and in general following good programming practices.

Currently, I work as a Senior Software Engineer at FactSet, building infrastructure to allow clients to access financial data as well as other FactSet services within Microsoft Office applications.

Occasionally, I write poems and short stories. I've blogged a few at Ripples in Mindspace.

Latest Projects

Other Projects

Neural Networks (Machine Learning)

Built a Multilayer Perceptron Network and trained it on a set of 66,000 images of handwritten digits (MNIST dataset), to recognize handwritten digits.

Work Experience

Software Engineer III - FactSet Research Systems Inc. (Jan 2011 - Jan 2014, Jan 2016 - present)

  • I own the infrastructure that I built to get real-time financial data into Microsoft Excel using C# on .NET.
  • Won a SpeedSprint prize for slashing the workbook cleanup times by more than 90% by converting an O(n2) operation to an O(n) operation. Also vastly improved the responsiveness for extremely large workbooks by identifying and moving certain tasks to a background thread, thereby freeing up the main UI Thread.
  • Serve as an integral part of the Office Integrations team by handling support requests, contributing to enhancements and actively participating in code reviews and encouraging good practices.
  • Voluntarily wrote scripts using python and C# to automate various tasks associated with our source control and build system, to streamline the process.

Skillset: C#, C++, python.

Data Scientist - Ecolibrium Energy (June 2015 - December 2015)

Helped lead the company’s efforts to move from energy monitoring to energy intelligence.

  • Built tools to help analyze data coming in from sensors placed on assets like transformers, motors etc. throughout the country.
  • Helped model the relationship between efficiency and various other measured parameters in order to estimate the efficiency gains on improving the health of those parameters.
  • Helped build a reporting engine to generate periodic automated reports from energy monitoring devices and fire them to clients throughout the country.

Skillset: C#, python, R.

Machine Learning Intern - Lytx (previously - DriveCam) (Summer - 2010)

I worked on implementing a neural network classifier that uses features extracted from sensor waveforms to discriminate between various dynamic driving events for a system mounted inside vehicles. As a part of the project, I handled large datasets consisting of millions of labeled events to train and validate the neural network classifier.

Skillset: Python, Matlab